Or mature, unless it's blood & gore.

But yeah, I'd rather stick to my comfort zone.

It had me like



Oh shit, Halloween.

2013-10-28 14:58:16 by CADANAMAN

Halloween is two days away.
two days.
I have that long to come up with an idea and make some artwork for Halloween.
Time for some quick sketching, the likes of which look like this:

Oh shit, Halloween.


2013-09-04 06:02:43 by CADANAMAN

Yeah, not sure why, but I was juts unscouted. This sucks. Right after I post (what I think to be) my best work yet.
Shit, I was so happy when I was scouted before D:

Oh well.


2013-08-14 18:36:22 by CADANAMAN

I've been thinking about collaborating with others on a project.. Just as like, a menu or background designer.

Images working now

2013-08-14 06:00:54 by CADANAMAN

It must have been a site thing, I am now able to upload a profile image and an icon.


2013-08-13 16:52:04 by CADANAMAN

I've drawn a lot today. I think that's enough for a while though, I need to refill my inspiration gauge.

BUT, I still can't manage to upload my profile image or my icon, so hopefully that gets fixed soon.

MYEHH I can't post images in these posts either. >.>


2013-08-13 05:04:15 by CADANAMAN

Okay this isn't my first account. I've been lurking since late 90's I think, and I made my first account in.. 2006 I think. But of course, I can't remember the password, so to hell with it, here I am on this one.

I can't upload a profile image or the.. other profile image, because the image keeps "getting lost". Oh well.